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This article explains how to add a networking device to your network using the Datto Networking App.


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Any Datto access point, switch, or power device can be added to a network. Devices can be added in by manually entering its MAC address, or by scanning the QR code on the bottom of the device if one is available.


1. Press the + symbol on the bottom-right of the screen as seen Figure 1.

Figure 1: Add Device

2. Press Add Device.

3. Scan the QR Code printed on the device using your camera (if available), or press Manually Enter MAC Address to input its MAC address as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Adding a device either by QR Code or MAC address

4. If the camera successfully scanned a QR Code, or if Manually Enter MAC Address was pressed, you will be brought to the page seen in Figure 3. Complete each identified field:

Figure 3: Defining device details

a. Network Group: Choose a Network Group.
b. Network: Choose a Network.
c. Device Name: Input a name for your device.
d. MAC Address: Input the device's MAC address. If a QR Code was successfully identified during step 3, this will be pre-filled.
e. Scan QR Code: Pressing this icon will allow you to scan for a QR Code as opposed to manually inputting the MAC address, and will return you to the same prompt from step 3.

4. Press Save.

Adding a Datto MP10

A Datto MP10 is a managed power unit that requires a mobile device to connect it to a WiFi network. If you add a Datto MP10 to a network using the steps above, the app will search for preexisting WiFi configuration. If none exists, a prompt initiating the WiFi scanning process will display, as shown in Figure X. To continue configuring the MP10 to connect to a WiFi network, follow the steps below:

Figure 4: Setting up the MP10

1. Hold down the power button on an unplugged MP10, then plug it into a powered source, as seen in Figure 1.

2. The app will scan for the MP10's WiFi signal. If the app detects the MP10, the power unit's LED will flash, and the app will redirect you to setup the MP10 WiFi settings, as shown in Figure X. If the app is unable to connect, follow the Using your mobile device section of the Getting Started with the Datto MP10 article.

Figure 5: WiFi Manager

3. Select Configure WiFi to scan for wireless networks broadcasting within range of the MP10, and to input any necessary credentials, as seen in Figure X.

Figure 6: Adding a WiFi network

You can also select Configure WiFi (no scan) to manually input both the SSID and password.

4. Select Save. The MP10 will attempt to connect to the wireless network. A success page will display if the MP10 connected to the internet successfully. If not, retry step 5.

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