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Migrate Storage: Field Upgrade Matrix



This article lists the types of storage upgrades a Datto device operator can perform in the field by using the Replace function of the Migrate Storage wizard. Contact Datto Technical Support for guidance and assistance with any type of field upgrade not listed here.


  • Datto SIRIS 3 Business
  • Datto SIRIS 3 Professional
  • Datto NAS 3

Upgrade Matrix


  • S3B: SIRIS 3 Business
  • S3P: SIRIS 3 Professional
  • DN: Datto NAS

Upgrade Scenario

Start with End with Parts Needed Parts expected to be returned
S3B/DN500 S3B/DN1000 2x 1TB 2x 500GB
S3B/DN500 S3B/DN2000 2x 2TB 2x 500GB
S3B/DN500 S3B/DN3000 2x 4TB 2x 500GB
S3B/DN1000 S3B/DN2000 2x 2TB 2x 1TB
S3B/DN1000 S3B/DN3000 2x 4TB 2x 1TB
S3B/DN2000 S3B/DN3000 2x 4TB 2x 2TB
S3P/DN1000 S3P/DN2000 2x 2TB 2x 1TB
S3P/DN1000 S3P/DN4000 2x 4TB 2x 1TB
S3P/DN1000 S3P/DN6000 2x 6TB 2x 1TB
S3P/DN2000 S3P/DN4000 2x 4TB 2x 2TB
S3P/DN2000 S3P/DN6000 2x 6TB 2x 2TB
S3P/DN4000 S3P/DN6000 2x 6TB 2x 4TB

For field upgrades beyond S3P/DN6000, contact Datto Technical Support for assistance.

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