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This article describes how to create VLANs using Datto Switches.


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A Virtual LAN (VLAN) is a Layer 2 configuration that groups together devices to behave as if they were on the same wire. Traffic is tagged with an ID, and subsequent ports on other Datto Switches will only process traffic with that ID.



1. Navigate to a device web session for your switch.

2. Click Port Settings, as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Port settings

3. Select your desired port(s), then click Configure, as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Selecting and configuring a port

4. Click the dropdown to reveal settings for VLANs, as seen in Figure 3.

5. Click Save Switch Settings to save all modified settings.


The following settings for VLANs are available:

Figure 3: VLAN Settings

  • PVID: Allows you to input a VLAN ID that will tag incoming packets.
  • Untagged VLAN: Allows you to input a VLAN ID that. If an incoming packet matches this ID, the switch will strip the packet of its ID when outgoing.
  • Tagged VLANs: Allows you to input a VLAN ID. If an incoming packet matches this ID, the switch will forward this packet to the inputted VLAN.
  • Enable Voice VLAN: Enables the Voice VLAN feature for this port. Read the Datto Switches: Voice VLAN article for more information on how to configure Voice VLAN.
Tagged VLAN IDs 991-994 are defined by default to readily enable roaming VLANs across Datto Access Points.
Do not remove the PVID or Untagged VLAN ID of 1 for an uplink port, as this is used in the checkin process.

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