Datto Autotask PSA: What Is the Sync Logic and Sync Frequency for Datto Devices in Autotask PSA?



What is the sync logic and sync frequency for Datto devices in Autotask PSA


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Device sync logic

The Datto integration will attempt to find a matching PSA configuration item by applying the device sync logic outlined below. If it does not find a matching configuration item in the first step, it will continue to the next steps until it finds a match. If no match is found, a new configuration item will be created in PSA.

The following device sync logic will be applied:

1. Find the device by searching InstalledProduct Entity in Autotask PSA using the SerialNumber (Device's MAC address) and AccountID (Autotask account ID). If more than one device is found, the sync will select the most recently modified device.

2. The device will sync according to the following parameters:

  • New (unsynced) devices: Devices will sync immediately upon creation or manual sync.
  • Existing (previously synced) devices: A device sync will be triggered every 24 hours.

Device sync frequency

  • New (unsynced) devices: Devices will sync immediately upon creation or manual sync.
  • Existing (previously synced) devices: A device sync will be triggered at most once every 24 hours, even when the Sync devices now option is used. If, at the time of synchronization, the existing mapping is no longer valid (e.g. the configuration item has been deleted, or details have changed), the device sync logic will be re-applied.

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