What Are the File Paths to ConnectWise Automate Logs for Troubleshooting?



What are the file paths to ConnectWise Automate logs for troubleshooting?


  • ConnectWise Automate
  • Datto SIRIS


Log location

Logs are located in the C:\Windows\Temp\ConnectWise Automate Plugins folder.

Figure 1: The ConnectWise Automate logs folder (click to enlarge)

When troubleshooting ConnectWise Automate issues, Datto Technical Support will ask you for some or all of the following logs:

BCDR issues

C:\Windows\Temp\ConnectWise Automate Plugins\DattoBCDR
  • Datto_Log.log
  • Datto_Backup_Log.log.details

Networking issues

C:\Windows\Temp\ConnectWise Automate Plugins\DattoNetworking
  • Exception.log
  • Exception_archive.log
  • Info.log
  • InnerException.log
  • StackTrace.log
  • StackTrace_archive.log

Backup issues

C:\Windows\Temp\ConnectWise Automate Plugins\DattoBackup


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