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How Do I Use the Device Details Page in the Partner Portal?



How do I use the Device Details page in the Partner Portal?


  • Datto Partner Portal


The Device Details page gives a general overview of a device's status, activity, and condition. It also allows you to perform various administration functions on that specific device, including:

  • Assigning and editing device alerts
  • Remotely accessing power management functions through IPMI
  • Creating Support tickets
  • Ordering RoundTrips or Reverse RoundTrips
  • Creating an offsite audit

Accessing the Device Details page

1. Log into the Datto Partner Portal.

2. Click the Status tab at the top of the screen, then select BCDR Status from the drop-down menu

Figure 1: The Partner Portal (click to enlarge)

On the Backup Status page, search for the device, then click on the device name when it comes up.

Figure 2: the Backup Status page (click to enlarge)

Navigating the Device Details page

The Device Details page is divided into information cards. You can quickly navigate between the cards using the left-hand menu to jump to the following sections:

Device Overview

This card gives a general overview of device functionality, including:

  • Device and client details
  • Networking information
  • Device status
  • Queued tasks

On this card, you can also:

Figure 3: The Device Overview card (click to enlarge)

Hardware and Software Status

This card displays the device's hardware and software details. On this card, you can also click the Access IPMI button to remotely enter your Datto SIRIS' IPMI user interface.

Datto ALTO appliances do not have IPMI functionality.

Figure 4: The Hardware & Software Status card (click to enlarge)


This card shows all open Support tickets for the device, including ticket numbers, dates opened, and status. You can click the Create Ticket button to raise a new ticket with Datto Technical Support. 

Figure 5: The Tickets card (click to enlarge)


This card shows billing details for the device, including service and offsite storage plans, term, expiration, and warranty information. You can also click the Purchase Service link to buy service.

Figure 6: The Billing card (click to enlarge)


This card shows details about RoundTrips in progress, including date requested, size, and current status. Click the Order RoundTrip button to order a new RoundTrip for this device.

Figure 7: The RoundTrips card (click to enlarge)


This card displays details about the offsite server to which this device syncs, including source type, server name, server number, and location.

  • Click the Reverse Roundtrip button to order a Reverse Roundtrip as part of a disaster recovery.
  • Click the Offsite Audit button to order an Offsite Audit report for this specific device.

Figure 8: The Offsite card (click to enlarge)


On this card, you can write and save notes about this particular device.

Figure 9: The Notes card (click to enlarge)


This card shows information for all agents on the device.

Figure 10: The Agents card (click to enlarge)


This card shows information for all agents on the device.

Figure 11: The Shares card (click to enlarge)

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