Datto Partner Portal: Registering a Datto Networking device



This article describes how to register a Datto Networking device through the Partner Portal.


  • Datto Networking
  • Datto Partner Portal


You can register any Datto Networking device using the Partner Portal, and then tie it to any network you manage by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to https://networking.datto.com and sign in using your Partner Portal credentials.

2. Click the Status dropdown, then click Networking Status.

Figure 1: The Status dropdown

3. All new devices associated with your account will populate above all other devices, and will have a link to Register Now. Click Register Now to begin the registration process.

Figure 2: Register Networking Devices

4. Input a name for your device.

5. Select an existing network to add this device to, or create a new one.

6. Click Register to finish the process.

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