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Datto Networking: Routers: Managing Routers



This article describes how to manage routers using the Routers page on the Datto Networking Portal.


  • Datto Routers


All routers associated with a network are found on this page. You can click individual routers to check their status, add routers, or perform other actions.



1. Navigate to a device web session for your router.

2. Click Routers.

Figure 1: Routers (click to enlarge)


The following information and actions are available for your routers:

Figure 2: Router list and actions (click to enlarge)

1. Add Router: Allows you to add an additional router.

2. Global Router Settings: Allows you to define settings that affect all routers within a network. See the Global Router Settings section of this article for more information.

3. Name: Displays the name of the router, along with its MAC address.

4: Model: Displays the model type of the router.

5. WAN IP: Displays the IP address of the router's main WAN interface.

6. Status: Displays the current connectivity status of the router, and will display one of the following statuses:

  • Online: WAN Ethernet: The router is online and connected to the Internet via Ethernet.
  • Online: LTE Failover: The router is online and connected to the Internet via LTE failover.
  • Offline: The router is unable to reach the Internet.

7. Last Checkin: Displays the timestamp of the last checkin the router successfully performed.

8. Uptime: Displays the how long the router has been powered on.

9. Firmware Version: Displays what firmware version the router is currently running.

10. Outages: Displays a graphical timeline of the router's checkin status. The timeline will display one of two colors:

  • Green: The router is checking in.
  • Grey: The router is not checking in.

11. Actions: Clicking this gear icon will display a dropdown presenting you with the following actions:

  • Move to Network: Allows you to move this router to another network.
  • Reboot: Restarts the router.
  • Delete Device: Allows you to remove the router from the network.

Global Router Settings

Clicking Global Router Settings will display a page that allows you to configure settings that affect all routers within a network. The following settings are available:

Figure 3: Global Router Settings (click to enlarge)

  • DNS Server: Allows you to enter a DNS Server IP that all routers will use.

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