Datto Network Manager: Adding a Router in Network Manager



This article describes how to add a Datto Router to a network through Datto Network Manager.


  • Datto Network Manager


You can add any Datto managed router by entering its MAC address in Datto Network Manager.


1. Navigate to a device web session for your network or existing device.

2. In the Navigation menu, click Routers.

mceclip1.pngFigure 1: The Navigation menu (click to enlarge)

3. Click Add Router.

mceclip0.pngFigure 2: The Routers page (click to enlarge)

4. On the Add Router page, you can add a single router or multiple routers.

Adding a single router

1. Enter the Name and MAC Address for your router. Acceptable router names:

  • can only contain letters, numbers, and dashes.
  • must begin with a letter.
  • cannot end with a dash.

mceclip4.pngFigure 3: The Add Router page (click to enlarge)

2. Click Add.

Bulk adding routers

To add multiple routers using a CSV file:

1. Create a CSV file containing three columns:

  • MAC: should contain the MAC address of each router
  • Model: should contain the model of each router
  • Name: should contain the name of each router

Click Download Sample CSV to generate a CSV file template containing these three columns.

2. Click Choose File to browse to your CSV file's location.

mceclip5.pngFigure 4: Browsing for a CSV file (click to enlarge)

3. Click Bulk Add.

Datto Network Manager will add the routers and make them available for management on the Routers page.

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