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This article describes how to configure Port Forwarding rules for your Datto router.


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Port Forwarding rules allow you to redirect incoming traffic to a defined IP address and/or port. This ensures that critical application traffic is properly forwarded to machines that require their data transmitted using a certain port, such as SSH (Port 22), or FTP (Port 21).



1. Navigate to a device web session for your router.

2. Click the Manage dropdown, then click Routers.

Figure 1: Navigating to Firewall (click to enlarge)

3. Click Firewall.


Follow these steps to configure and add a port forwarding rule:

Figure 2: Port Forwards (click to enlarge image)

1. Device Name: Enter a name for the rule.
2. Incoming Port: Enter the incoming port number or range that the rule will use.
3. Protocol: Select the networking traffic protocol the rule will use (TCP, UDP, or all).
4. Destination IP: Enter the destination IP the rule will forward traffic to.
5. Destination Port: Enter the destination port the rule will forward traffic to.
6. Add/Remove: Click Add to add the rule. This will display as Remove for a previously added rule; click this to remove an existing rule.
7. Click Save Router Settings.

Figure 3: Save Router Settings (click to enlarge)

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