Direct to Cloud: "Backup is paused because your connection is currently metered"



The DTC system tray icon reports the status "Backup is paused because your connection is currently metered."


  • Datto Direct to Cloud (DTC) Agent


The DTC Agent's Metered Network Policy is set to Pause backups while metered, and the protected system is currently subject to network connection metering.


If the Pause backups while metered policy is enabled, scheduled backups will not run when metering is underway. Backups will resume when the network connection enters a non-metered state.

To perform an immediate backup, perform the following actions from the DTC tray icon:

1. Set the agent's Metered Network Policy to No action.

2. Click Take backup now.

3. Once the backup completes, set the Metered Network Policy to Pause backups while metered.

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