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This article describes the general settings available in the Datto Networking Portal.


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The General Settings page controls network-wide settings, such as the network name and location. You can also configure alerts and change the administrator's password.



1. Navigate to a web session for your network.

2. Click the Configure drop-down, then click General.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: Navigating to General (click to enlarge)



The following information and options are available in the Network section:

mceclip2.pngFigure 2: Network (click to enlarge)

  • Network ID: Displays the ID assigned to a network. You cannot modify this.
  • Network name: Allows you to enter a name for a network. When signing into the Datto Networking Portal, you can also use the network name as your login.
  • Location: Allows you to enter the physical location of a network. When adding access points, the process will use the location defined here.
  • Time Zone: Allows you to select the timezone of a network. This affects the time ranges in graphs throughout the Datto Networking Portal.
  • Notes: Allows you to enter a brief summary of a network. Enter any description you see fit.


You can configure alerts that inform email recipients of certain critical events, such as a device switching to LTE failover, or an access point shutting down. For more information, read our Datto Networking: Alerts article.

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