Datto RMM: How Is the Manufacturer Automatically Determined for a Network Device?



How is the Manufacturer field determined for a network device?


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For SNMP enabled network devices, the Manufacturer field on the Device Summary page displays the manufacturer of the device. This data is pulled via SNMP using the mechanism described below.

Determining the Manufacturer

  • When the SNMP enabled device is audited by the network node, Datto RMM pulls the Object ID from the following OID:
  • The above should return a value similar to the following:
  • Datto RMM then looks up by the number following (so, 24681 in the example above) in this table.

For the example above, we would return QNAP SYSTEMS, INC as the manufacturer.


To confirm the value returned to the platform is correct:

  1. Connect to the network node via the AEM Agent browser.

  2. Open the SNMP test tool and enter the information for the SNMP enabled device in question.

  3. Add a test monitor for the OID:

  4. Look up the value returned in the link listed above.

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