Datto RMM: Patch Management Policy Did Not Run



Datto RMM's Patch Management policy did not run as expected.


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Before contacting Datto RMM Technical support, perform as many of these steps as possible.

Verify the device is targeted by policy

Depending on the policy setup, the device may not be targeted by the policy itself. It is important to rule this out first before troubleshooting further.

Review the policy schedule

Determine if the policy should have run when expected.

Verify the device was online during Patch Window

If the device was offline during the patch policy window, it will not patch.

Run the policy and observe the result

This will allow Datto RMM Technical Support to see if the behavior is still occurring and/or isolate the behavior to a certain patch policy run type (automatic vs run now).

Determine the scope of the issue

Is the issue confined to a single device, a group of devices, or something more widespread?

Determine the scope of affected policies

Is the issue confined to a single policy, group of policies, or something more widespread?

Document the affected devices' UIDs 

Device UIDs are used to identify individual devices. They are important because devices may share the same hostname.

Document the affected policy names or IDs

These are used to identify individual policies.

Gather Datto RMM Service Log files

These logs contain all of the necessary information for review.

Gather Windows Event logs in .evtx format

These are used to isolate potential errors. Read this external article for help gathering Windows Event logs. 

Gather Windows Update logs

This file contains all logging information from Windows Updates. The log is stored at C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log. On Windows 10 you may need to build the log via the PowerShell command below:


Gather the Patch Policy folder

The patch policy folder is located at C:\programdata\centrastage\policy.

Gather Error messages (if applicable)

Copy/Paste error messages exactly and send them to Datto RMM Technical Support.

Note the date/time of issue occurrence.

Include the date and time the issue occurred in your correspondence with Datto RMM Technical Support.

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