Datto RMM: Troubleshooting Remote Takeover Issues



Datto RMM: Troubleshooting remote takeover issues


  • Datto RMM


Verify whitelisting

Use the health check tool

Document firewall information

Note the firewall's make and model. This information is needed to determine if the issue relates to a specific firewall. Additionally, Datto RMM Support must determine if the firewall is stateful, as the agent does not communicate well through deep packet inspection.

Ensure stateful/deep packet inspection is disabled (if applicable)

If you are using a stateful firewall, make sure deep packet inspection is not enabled for Datto RMM communications. This inhibits communication and can cause disconnects.

Try another source machine

Attempt RTO from a different machine. If the source machine is the only one affected, it indicates the issue is isolated to just the source device.

Try another destination machine

Attempt RTO to a different machine.  If the destination machine is the only one affected, it indicates the issue is isolated to just the destination device.

Try other RTO options

Attempt a session with other RTO methods, such as RDP, VNC , or Splashtop. This helps determine if this issue spans all forms of remote take over or just an individual form. 

Check for ISP issues

Contact your ISP, or use a tool such as Downdetector to determine if there is a service issue.

Force a relay connection (if using a peer-to-peer connection)

If a peer-to-peer connection is being used, the agent browser connection bars will be green instead of blue.  If the agent is failing during a peer-to-peer connection, follow these steps on our help to force a relayed connection.

Gather appropriate logs and information, then contact Datto RMM Support

If issues continue, these logs help Datto RMM Support with more intensive troubleshooting:

  • Datto RMM service log files
  • Windows Event logs (in .evtx format)
  • Note the time frame of the test, and which RTO tools are affected
  • Note the hostnames and UIDs of the devices involved
  • Note the operating systems of the devices involved


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