Datto Partner Portal: How do I log into the Datto Partner Portal by using the Authy Chrome Extension?



How do I log into the Datto Partner Portal using the Authy Chrome Extension?


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Setting up the Authy Chrome Extension

The Authy Chrome extension lets you log into the Datto Partner Portal via two-factor authentication (2FA) through your Google Chrome browser session.

This article assumes you have already enabled two-factor identification in the Partner portal. If you have not done so, see our Getting Started With Two-Factor Authentication In The Datto Partner Portal article for instructions.
When setting up the Authy mobile app, be sure to use the same phone number you used to enable 2FA on your Partner Portal account. If a desk phone was used, choose the Authy Chrome Extension or Authy desktop app authentication methods.

1. Navigate to the Authy download page (external link). In the Chrome box, click the black button to download Authy from the Chrome Web Store.

Figure 1: The Authy download page (click to enlarge)

2. Click the Add to Chrome button to install the extension.

Figure 2: Authy in the Chrome Web Store (click to enlarge)

Set up the extension

 1. Navigate to the Chrome Apps page and click the Authy icon. 

Figure 3: The Chrome Apps page (click to enlarge)

2. Type in your mobile or desktop phone number, and then click the Enter button. The setup screen will prompt you to choose one of three verification methods:

  • Call will display your verification code, and then call your mobile phone
  • SMS will send a verification code via text message to your mobile phone number
  • Use Existing Device will verify via the instance of the Authy app already installed on your device

Figure 4: The Authy setup and validation screen (click to enlarge)

3. Enter the validation code to complete your Authy account setup.

Logging in with 2FA and the Authy Chrome extension

1. Navigate to the Datto Partner Portal and log in with your username and password.

Figure 5: Datto Partner Portal login (click to enlarge)

2. The Partner Portal will send a push notification to the Authy Chrome Extension. Click the Approve button to approve the login.

Figure 6: Datto Partner Portal login (click to enlarge)

Logging in with a token

If you have any issues getting push notifications through the Authy Chrome extension, you can request a verification token:

1. Open the Authy Chrome extension.

2. Click Tokens to switch to the token screen. The app will display a verification token code. This number will change every 30 seconds.

Figure 7: The Authy Chrome extension Token screen (click to enlarge)

3. Enter the verification token into the Two-Factor Log In window.

Figure 8: The Two-Factor Log In window (click to enlarge)

Bypassing Authy

If you are experiencing technical issues with Authy, or if you choose not to use a 2FA app for login, you can get a verification token directly from the Two-Factor Log In window displayed in Figure 8 above:

1. Choose SMS to receive a token via text message, or choose Phone Call to get a token by phone call to a desktop or mobile phone.

2. Enter the received code into the Token field and click the Submit button.

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