Datto RMM: How Do I Check If Another Program Is Using the Same Port As UltraVNC?



How do I check if another program is using the same port as UltraVNC?


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Datto RMM installs and uses UltraVNC (UVNC) when using the VNC functionality within the agent browser. If another version of VNC is installed on a device, whichever VNC version starts up first will use and deny any other VNC access to the required port (port 5900). To check:

1. On the affected machine, click the Windows icon and type cmd to open the command prompt. 

2. Type the following command:
@for /f "tokens=5" %v in ('netstat -nao ^| find ^":5900^"') do @tasklist /FI "PID eq %v"

3. If the output is anything other than WINVNC.EXE, UVNC is not accessing the required port. There is likely a conflicting version of VNC installed. Contact Datto RMM Support for assistance.

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