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This article discusses troubleshooting conflicting VNC versions.


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Datto RMM installs and uses UltraVNC (UVNC) when using the VNC functionality within the agent browser. If another version of VNC is installed on a device it could cause problems, as whichever VNC version starts up first will use and deny any other VNC access to the required port (port 5900). There are three ways to troubleshoot this task, depending on your specific scenario.

If you do not need the other version of VNC:

Uninstall conflicting versions of VNC.

If you want to keep the other version of VNC but do not care which method is used for remote takeover method through Datto RMM:

You can access the machine via by RDP or Splashtop instead of VNC through Datto RMM.

If you want to keep the other version of VNC but still use VNC through Datto RMM:

1. On the affected machine, press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then access the Task Manager.

2. Stop all versions of VNC.

2. Ensure the conflicting version of VNC is not running.

3. Connect with UVNC.

When the other version of VNC needs to be used (such as through certain medical software), stop UVNC before connecting.

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