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This article describes the detection logic Datto RMM uses to determine device types.


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Datto RMM uses the following high-level device detection logic when assessing and determining device types. This detection logic applies to Microsoft Windows only:

  • Does the device have a server OS installed?
    Yes: The device is a server.
  • Does the device have a desktop OS installed?
    Yes: The device is a desktop.
  • Does the device have a laptop chassis type as determined by the Win32_ChassisType WMI class? This device uses the command wmic systemenclosure get chassistypes.
    Yes: The device is a laptop.

Detection logic workflow

To differentiate between a desktop and a server, Datto uses the DomainRole property from the Win32_ComputerSystem WMI class:

Value Device Type
0 Standalone Workstation
1 Member Workstation
2 Standalone Server
3 Member Server
4 Backup Domain Controller
5 Primary Domain Controller

A value of two or above indicates a Server OS running on the device. Values lower than two indicate a Desktop OS.

Datto RMM also uses the Win32_ChassisType WMI class to determine if a device is a laptop. All of the following values will flag a device as a laptop:

Value Device Type
8 Portable
9 Laptop
10 Notebook
11 Hand-Held
12 Docking Station
14 Sub Notebook
30 Tablet
31 Convertible
32 Detachable

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