Datto RMM: Deleted Devices Reappear in RMM



After you delete a device from a Datto RMM site, the device remains in Datto RMM.


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There are two cases in which this issue can occur:

Improper Device Removal

If you delete the device from a Datto RMM site, then manually delete it from SitesManaged Deletions, the Agent may not get the uninstall command and will subsequently check back into the platform. To resolve, delete the device according to Datto RMM guidelines.

Proper Device Removal

If you follow the correct device deletion guidelines but it keeps reappearing within Datto RMM, follow the steps below:

If the target device is online: 

1. Download the appropriate component for the device's operating system:

2. Import the component into Datto RMM

3. Run the component against the targeted device. Once the device displays as offline, you know the script ran.

4. Delete the device from the site.

5. Delete the device from SitesManaged Deletions.

If the target device is offline:

1. Configure the offline monitor on the device to send an alert when the device is online.

2. When the alert is received, log into your account and perform the above steps for an online device.

Environmental Causes

If you configured the agent installation to be handled by a Group Policy, refer to the policy settings for a possible cause.

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