Datto RMM: Patch Management Policy Ran but Did Not Install Patches



This article discusses troubleshooting when patch management policy runs but does not install patches.


  • Datto RMM


If you are having patch installation issues when running patch management policy, follow these troubleshooting steps:

Ensure patches are approved

Verify that approved patches are actually ready to install.

Re-run policy and document the results

Re-run the policy if you are able to do so. It will show if the behavior is still occurring. It will also help you isolate it to a certain patch policy run type (automatic vs run now).

Gather information

If the issue persists, gather as much of the following information as possible before contacting Datto RMM Support:

  • UIDs of affected devices
  • Names and IDs of affected policies
  • Date and time of the issue
  • Copy and paste error messages (if applicable)
  • Datto RMM Service Log files (click here to learn how to download the log files)
  • Windows Event Logs in .evtx format
  • WindowsUpdate.log (located at C:\Windows)
  • The Patch Policy folder located at (C:\programdata\centrastage\policy)

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