Datto RMM: Troubleshooting Autotask Integration Resolution Synchronization Issues



This article discusses troubleshooting situations in which alert resolutions fail to sync between Datto RMM and the Autotask Integration.


  • Datto RMM
  • Autotask Integration


Determine the direction of the failure before troubleshooting (Autotask PSA → Datto RMM or Datto RMM → Autotask PSA)

Check for integration errors 

Some synchronization errors surface in the Datto RMM web portal. Navigate to Setup Autotask Sync Exceptions (the radio button in top right-hand corner of the window) or via the URL https://[platform].centrastage.net/csm/autotask/exceptions to view these errors.

(PSA  Datto RMM) Verify extension callout setup

The extension callout within PSA needs setting up before a PSA ticket can update the associated Datto RMM alert. Verify that the extension callout is set up correctly.

(Datto RMM  PSA) Verify the ticket was not reopened by a repeating alert

Depending on your setup, a repeating alert may reopen a PSA ticket.

(Datto RMM  PSA) Make sure the ticket was created by Datto RMM

Only tickets created by Datto RMM will work with round trip synchronization.

Gather information

If the issue persists, gather as much of the following information as possible before contacting Datto RMM Support:

  • The direction in which the sync fails (Autotask PSA → Datto RMM or Datto RMM → Autotask PSA) 
  • If the failure is RMM → PSA, was the ticket created by Datto RMM?
  • If the failure is PSA → RMM, Did the alert create two tickets?
  • The UIDs of affected devices
  • Copy and paste any error messages


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