Datto RMM: Component Monitor Not Running As Expected



This article discusses troubleshooting for issues in which the component monitor is not running as expected


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Follow these troubleshooting steps if you experience component monitor issues:

Verify if the component monitor works on other devices

This helps determine if the issue lies with a single device, certain device types, or the component in general.

Verify if it is a custom monitor or Comstore component monitor

Datto RMM Support is unable to debug custom components.

Verify the script works outside of Datto RMM 

This step helps determine if it is the script or Endpoint Management that is failing. Sometimes, something environmental to the device stops the script from running natively. Additionally, custom components must work outside of Datto RMM for Datto RMM Support to troubleshoot further. You must test them as a local system user. 

Verify Agent is up to date

Outdated agents can cause problems when communicating to an updated platform. Additionally, Datto RMM Support cannot test for bugs outside of the latest version.

If this is a Comstore component, make sure the component monitor is up to date

Datto RMM Support cannot test for bugs outside of the latest version.

Copy the script and run it as a quick job

This demonstrates how the script runs outside of your environment. Document the script's behavior when run. 

Gather information

Gather as much of the following information as possible before contacting Datto Technical Support:

  • Component monitor name
  • .NET version
  • Names of the affected policy and monitors
  • UIDs of affected devices
  • Copy and paste error messages (if possible)
  • An export of the component (if custom)
  • Datto RMM Service and Process Log files (click here to learn how to gather the log files)

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