Datto RMM: CentraStage App hangs at connecting screen when onboarding an iOS device



When you attempt to onboard an iOS device using the CentraStage App, the process hangs at the Connecting screen.


  • Datto RMM


1. In iOS, navigate to Settings → General, and note the name of the device in the About section.

2. Open the Datto RMM web portal, and navigate to Sites → (the site hosting your device) → Devices.

3. Search for the name of the device obtained in Step 1 of this article, and remove it from the Devices page if present.

4. Navigate to Sites → Managed Deletions, and remove the device if present.

5. On the iOS device, verify that the client has configured a valid Apple Push Certificate.

6. Uninstall the CentraStage app from the iOS device.

7. Remove the device management certificate in Settings → General → Profile from the iOS device.

8. Hard reset the iOS device. 

  • Perform a Google search to find instructions to hard reset your specific device model. 
  • The reset has typically been performed with a combination of the Power Button, Home Button, and Volume Buttons.

9. Reinstall the CentraStage app and the device management certificate.

10. Launch the app. If it still hangs on the Connecting screen, contact Datto Technical Support.

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