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What is a rate-limited poll (RPOLL)?


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A rate-limited poll happens when the RMM Agent detects it is falling behind with sending of poll values to the web platform. During this overload, the agent writes RLPOLL's to C:\ProgramData\CentraStage\AEMAgent\DataLog\poll.dat. It then sends to the web platform individually over the network once transmission space is available.


POLL/RLPOLL logging can be found in the Agent Process Logs, located at  C:\ProgramData\CentraStage\AEMAgent\DataLog\aemagent.log. 

Examples: 2017/11/17 11:00:09.564 RLPOLL|15rx/min 13tx/min|99f7f8bd-79a0-4fb8-8652-f5f13149b622|Performance|

  • 15rx/min: The expected number of polls to be sent in the last minute
  • 13tx/min: The actual number of polls sent to the platform.
ALERT and RESOLVE are not affected and would not be rate limited. Therefore, any monitoring data expected to raise an alert, or resolve an open alert, should transmit to the platform instantly.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. At what limit or point does the agent realize it is falling behind in sending the poll values? Is there a number of Polls after which it will change to RLPoll? What determines the overload/cut off?

A. There is a rather rudimentary algorithm that tries to determine if POLLS are coming in faster than can be sent. The agent update this frequently.

Q. When will then agent go back to normal unlimited polling?

A. The rate limit is determined in “real time” as polls come in,  so whether or not a poll is rate limited depends on the overall rate at which they are generated.

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