SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Getting started with IPMI



This article discusses how IPMI works with your Datto device, as well as how to enable and use this feature. 


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO XL
  • Datto NAS


The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is a system for managing your device's hardware at the motherboard level, without interfacing with the machine's CPU. IPMI gives you the ability to monitor and adjust hardware parameters such as fan speed, temperature, and voltage. It also allows you to restart your Datto device remotely.

Why should I enable IPMI?

IPMI lets you work with power and device settings without going to the Datto appliance's location, reducing downtime and saving travel time and expense. You can remotely reboot the Datto device, configure networking and hardware settings and more, even if the device is not checking in.

Datto devices that support IPMI:

SIRIS 1 and 2 hardware:

  • SIRIS Professional 
  • SIRIS Enterprise
  • SIRIS 5000 and larger
  • SIRIS 2000 made after Oct 2012
  • S3000 made after Oct 2012

SIRIS 3 Hardware:

  • SIRIS 3 Business
  • SIRIS 3 Professional
  • SIRIS 3 Enterprise

SIRIS 4 Hardware:

  • SIRIS 4 Professional
  • SIRIS 4 Enterprise

Non-SIRIS hardware:

  • ALTO XL (Models 6000 and higher)
  • Datto NAS (Models 6000 and higher)
  • Datto Node

Configuring and accessing IPMI

You must configure IPMI on the Datto device before you can access it remotely. Once configured, you can access IPMI through the Datto device's IP address, or through the Datto Partner Portal. Click the device model below for specific configuration and access instructions:

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