Supporting your product: Where does Datto store data for United Kingdom and European partners?



As a Datto customer based in the United Kingdom or Europe, where does Datto store the data associated with products that I use?


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In many regions of the United Kingdom and Europe, Datto provides customers with the flexibility to choose the storage location of their offsite data. We are continuously expanding this capacity. Select a product line to learn more about where your offsite data resides.

For any questions not answered here, please contact your Sales Account Manager, who can provide you with additional information.

Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)


During product setup, Datto BCDR customers can select where they would like their data stored. Datto provides its European partners with the option to store their backups in the United Kingdom or Germany. Partners can use the BCDR Status page in the Datto Partner Portal to see where their appliance is sending its data.

SIRIS products include a Secondary Replication option. When enabled, this feature replicates the last 90 days of offsite backups to a secondary datacenter. Devices that replicate to the United Kingdom and Germany use  Iceland as their secondary datacenter.


Partners who need to migrate their data from one offsite region to another can contact Datto Technical Support for assistance on a per-device basis.

Datto SaaS Protection


Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 customers can select the region where they would like to store their SaaS Protection backups during product setup. Available options include Europe and the United Kingdom. Partners can see where their offsite data syncs to by following this KB article.

Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 products also automatically replicate their data to a second location within the customer-selected region. Datto SaaS Protection backups stored in the United Kingdom replicate to a datacenter located in Iceland.

For Datto SaaS Protection 1.0 products store their backups in redundant clusters in the United States or Ireland. Contact your Account Manager for further information about your data storage location.


Datto plans to offer its customers the option to store their data for SaaS Protection 2.0 in Germany, with backups replicated to Iceland, starting in March 2019. Customers who would like to have their data stored in Germany when capacity becomes available should contact their Sales Account Manager.

Datto Networking


Data associated with Datto Networking products resides in the United States.

Datto RMM


Datto's offsite data storage location for European Datto RMM customers is located in Ireland.

Autotask PSA


Datto's English and German instances of its PSA product reside in the United Kingdom. The Spanish instance of the PSA product hosts its data in the United States. Datto determines the data storage location for Autotask PSA instances during implementation. Use the chart in the Autotask PSA Online Help article Testing connectivity to find your specific storage location. 

For additional details about where your PSA data resides, contact your Datto Sales Executive.


In March 2019, Datto will be moving the German language PSA instance from the United Kingdom to Germany.

Also starting in March, Datto plans to offer its customers the option to have their English Autotask PSA instance stored in Germany. Customers that would like to move their data from the United Kingdom to Germany can join a pre-transfer list. Datto will migrate their data to Germany as soon as space becomes available. Partners who would like their instance moved should send this request to their Sales Account Manager before February 25, 2019.

Autotask Workplace


For customers located in Europe, Datto stores data associated with Autotask Workplace FSS in a datacenter located in Denmark.

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