Datto RMM: Announcing the launch of our Datto RMM troubleshooting content!



As a Datto RMM user, did you know that you now have access to much of the same documentation that our Product Support Experts use to solve technical challenges? As of January 2019, you do!

A little bit of background:

In November 2018, our team saw a big problem that needed solving. When our readers needed troubleshooting help, they frequently had to search multiple sources of knowledge, including YouTube, the Community Forums, and Google, to find answers to common issues. This decentralized knowledge experience was less-than-ideal, and we wanted to fix it.

Over the following month, the Knowledge Management team worked with Product Support to identify over 100 questions that were asked by RMM customers and answered by our support teams. Then, we converted this content into partner-facing articles, and we published it to a new, centralized Datto category in the Business Management section of the Datto Knowledge Base. To deliver a streamlined experience, we linked the content directly to the existing Product Help spaces in the Datto RMM product, making it easy for readers to navigate from one environment to the other with a single click.

On January 28th, 2019, our new category launched, giving readers access to much of the same documentation that our Product Support Experts use to solve technical challenges. In the days since the rollout (as of the writing of this article), the RMM content has seen 961 unique partner visits, 2,137 page views, and it holds the #1 Google Search position for “Datto RMM troubleshooting,” making searches relevant and accessible.

We plan to continue expanding this space as our Product Support Experts identify new opportunities to create article content. We'll also be broadening our technical offering to include the PSA and AWP product spaces shortly.

You can visit the Datto RMM space directly, or you can access it by clicking the troubleshooting links available throughout the Datto RMM Online Help.

See you in the Knowledge Base!

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