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The article provides instructions for manually flashing the firmware on your Datto Switch.


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If the firmware of your Datto Switch is older than version 1.03.24, to ensure uninterrupted device operation, see Required Firmware Update for Datto Switches for critical information.

Manually flashing firmware on the switches is more complicated than flashing a Datto Access Point or a Datto Router. If your switch can check in with Datto Networking monitoring servers, it is simpler to have it upgrade via Datto Networking cloud management instead.

Only consider performing this process as a last resort. It involves multiple manual steps. You will need to know the switch's IP address and be able to set up a TFTP server on your local network.

Switch Manual Flashing Steps

1. Locate the switch's IP address via Datto Networking cloud management. You can also find the address in your router's DHCP lease list or by doing a ping scan on the local network.

2. Install and configure a TFTP server.

3. If there is a firewall between your TFTP server and switch, allow TFTP traffic through the firewall on UDP port 69.

4. From the list below, download the firmware .bix file for your switch to the target directory on your TFTP server.

5. Remote into the switch via SSH.

6. The appliance will prompt you to log in. If you do not receive a prompt, or your switch's login credentials do not work, hold down the unit's reset button for 15 seconds, wait for the appliance to reboot, and then contact Datto Technical Support to receive the default login credentials.

7. After you log into the switch, run the following command:

copy tftp://<tftp server>/<firmware.bix> flash://image1

8. Type Yes when asked to continue.

9. Type No when asked to reboot.

10. Run the following commands:

boot system image1

The switch should reboot and check in with the new firmware.

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