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Legacy Open Mesh: Required Firmware Update For Open Mesh Switches



This article provides details about a critical update required for Open Mesh Switches running firmware older than version 1.03.24.


  • Open Mesh Switches


Open Mesh switches running firmware earlier than 1.03.24 have certificates which expire in May 2019. After expiration, these switches will no longer check in, preventing device management, reporting, and automatic upgrades. To avoid this, you must upgrade your switches to firmware version 1.03.24 prior to this date.

Beginning March 11, we will begin upgrading all switches running legacy firmware to version 1.03.24. These upgrades will occur during your networks defined Configure → Maintenance Maintenance Window periods to minimize any potential disruption.
Please confirm the status of your switches at your earliest convenience to ensure that they running on the current firmware release, and if not, use one of the upgrade methods listed below to prevent any disruptions in service. Be sure to bring undeployed switches online to verify they are upgraded to the latest firmware.
Any switches not upgraded to firmware version 1.03.24 will no longer check in after April 2019. 

Upgrade procedure

Switches running firmware between 1.03.07 - 1.03.19

If your switch last reported it was running 1.03.07 or later, but it is not checking in, review your firewall settings
  1. Navigate to  Configure → Maintenance and toggle Automatic Upgrades to on. Once this is enabled, switches on the network will update to the current stable firmware release during the specified maintenance window. To avoid future disruption, and to receive the latest features and bug fixes, leave automatic upgrades enabled at all times. Open Mesh recommends setting a maintenance window during non-critical hours to limit disruption to your network.
  2. You can also click the  Upgrade Now button to immediately start the upgrade.
  3. If a switch fails to upgrade despite enabling automatic upgrades, reboot it and wait for the maintenance window or click the Upgrade Now button again.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: The Networking UI Maintenance page

Switches running firmware earlier than 1.03.07

These switches cannot check into Cloudtrax due to an already expired certificate, so they will require a manual firmware flash.

Questions / feedback

If you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade process, open a support ticket.

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