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This article explains the All Networks view in CloudTrax.




CloudTrax offers detailed visibility and management of individual networks, but it also allows you to zoom out for a view of all your networks in one place. This enables you to see which sites have issues that need to be resolved, are due for firmware upgrades, or are awaiting initial setup.

From this page, you can also create a new network or export your networks and access point details. 

List view

In List view, you can get detailed information about network issues and firmware versions.


To find a specific network, use the filter field at the top of the table. To show and hide different fields, use the View Options selector.

To view networks with access points down, sort by the APs (% Down) column. Networks with no APs down will display green. When 10% or fewer APs are down, the indicator will turn yellow. Networks with more than 10% of APs down will display red. 

To view networks that require firmware upgrades, sort by the Latest FW Version column. 

Exports from list view

The list view offers two export options, selectable via the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen:

  • Export All: CSV/XML 
    This will export the All Networks table in either CSV or XML format.

  • Export All Nodes: CSV.
    This will export all of your network data plus the individual access point data, including  network_name, node name, MAC address, IP, lat/long, nearest gateway, last_checkin, uptime, latency and the WAN IP. This data can be used as a backup, and you can import nodes back to a network at any time. Note: This feature is not currently available on accounts with User Management accounts, but will be enabled in the near future.

Map view 

In Map view, you can get a geographical representation of your networks.

As in list view, networks with no APs down will display green. When 10% or fewer APs are down, the indicator will turn yellow. Networks with more than 10% of APs down will display red. 

Click any icon to get more detail on the network, including APs up and down, clients and bandwidth information. From there, select Network Status to go to the network's overview page.  

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