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This article explains recent changes to the User Management System.


  • CloudTrax


The User Management system is being simplified and streamlined. This will result in Account Roles and User Roles merging together, and the removal of the "Group Manager" role. Users will now only have one Account Role that applies to all networks or network groups they are assigned to.

The following changes are effective March 19, 2018:

  • The Account Roles available in CloudTrax will be: "Account Admin", "Network Editor", "Network Viewer", and "Voucher Editor".
  • The "Group Manager" and "Network User" Account Roles will be retired from CloudTrax.
  • User Roles currently listed under the "Change Permissions" dialog are being changed to Account Roles.
  • The Account Role applies to all networks and network groups the user is assigned to. The user can no longer be assigned different roles for different networks or network groups.

This means:

  • You will no longer be able to create new users with the "Group Manager" or "Network User" Account Role.
  • You will no longer be able to apply different User Roles to different networks or network groups. The user's Account Role will apply to all networks or network groups the user is assigned.
  • Users that do not meet the new guidelines will be automatically converted to comply with these changes on April 9, 2018.

We'd suggest the following actions be taken before April 9, 2018:

  • Ensure users with the Account Role of "Group Manager" or "Network User" are assigned a new Account Role. If your old "Group Manager" needs to be able to create networks, network groups, or users, they will need to be assigned the Account Role of "Account Admin".
  • Remove User Roles which do not match the user's new Account Role. Re-adding the network or network group will grant the user the level of access afforded by their Account Role.
  • For the rare cases where a user needs to have different roles for different networks, we suggest creating a separate user for those networks, with different Account Roles.

Doing the above should ensure your users see no changes in behavior when the rollover occurs.

What happens if no action is taken:

  • If a "Group Manager" or "Network User" does not have a mix of different User Roles, they will be assigned a new Account Role based on their unanimous User Roles.
  • If a "Group Manager" or "Network User" has a mix of different User Roles across multiple networks or network groups, they will be assigned the most restrictive of the new Account Roles based on the User Roles they are currently assigned. 
  • The user's new Account Role will apply to all networks and network groups the user is assigned to.

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