Legacy Open Mesh: Quality of Service (QoS) - Application Traffic Types



This article provides a list of traffic types and the filters used to detect the applications and services within each type.


  • Open Mesh Routers


Router firmware 1.0.6 or later is required for QoS.

Traffic Types

Traffic Type Filter
audio amazonmusic
audio http_audio
audio lastfm
audio pandora
audio rhapsody
audio shoutcast
audio soundcloud
audio spotify
audio ustream
filesharing 4shared
filesharing backblaze
filesharing bittorrent
filesharing downloadcom
filesharing dropbox
filesharing dropbox_lansync
filesharing filefactory
filesharing gamefront
filesharing ibackup
filesharing icloud
filesharing massmirror
filesharing mozy
filesharing onedrive
filesharing steam
filesharing thepiratebay
filesharing torrentzeu
filesharing ultrashare
filesharing uploadcom
gaming battlenet
gaming bigfishgames
gaming gamespot
gaming playstation
gaming pogo
gaming xboxlive
gaming zynga
search bing
search msn
search yahoo
social_news blogger
social_news cnn
social_news facebook
social_news flickr
social_news foxnews
social_news gizmodo
social_news googlesocial
social_news imageshack
social_news imgly
social_news imgurcom
social_news instagram
social_news linkedin
social_news nytimes
social_news photobucketcom
social_news sinacomcn
social_news smugmug
social_news snapchat
social_news techcrunch
social_news tumblr
social_news turner
social_news twitter
social_news wordpresscom
social_news wordpressorg
social_news yelp
social_news yfrog
video amazonvideo
video bliptv
video facetime
video hbogo
video http_video
video hulu
video itunes
video livestream
video netflix
video rdio
video rtmp
video rtmp_hulu
video rtmp_livestream
video rtmp_rhapsody
video rtmp_ustream
video rtmp_xfinity
video showtime
video skype
video twitchtv
video vimeo
video webcam
video xfinity
video youtube
voice sip
voice teamspeak
voice ventrilo
voice vocera
web aboutcom
web amazon
web askcom
web brightcove
web dailymotion
web easynews
web ebay
web google
web googlemail
web hostbasedemail
web hotmail
web http
web ign
web mediafire
web miniclip
web speedtestnet
web wikileaks
web wikipedia
web yahoomail

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