My Nodes Won't Check-in to the Dashboard


If your nodes work fine (i.e., you can associate with them and browse but they aren't picking up your network settings), this usually means they haven't been added to your network.  To be able to check-in, a node has to be added using the "Add/Edit Nodes" button in the "Edit Network" Dashboard page.  Once you click on this button, you will see a new window showing a Google map of your location.  You can drag this map around and zoom in and out as needed.  It is also sometimes helpful to switch to Satellite view so you can see buildings.  Sometimes the Satellite view will let you zoom in closer as well.

To add a node, just click on the map then enter the MAC address from the bottom of the node.  You should also enter a name for the node, then click "Add".  Repeat for all the nodes on your network.  Note that if you have a lot of nodes to add, a hand-scanner is often helpful as most nodes have a barcoded MAC address.

Be sure to click the "Update Network Settings" button after closing your add/edit node map.

If this does not appear to be the issue, other things to check are:

1.  MAC addresses must be entered with colons, even if colons are not shown on the device you are using.  For example, Om2P devices have a MAC address that looks like "AC867401AD36".  This should be entered as "AC:86:74:01:AD:36".

2.  Your internet connection (LAN, Cable Modem, DSL modem, etc) must be set to issue DHCP.  Static addresses are not supported at this time.

3.   Your firewall must allow ping, HTTP and HTTPS connections, and must not block DNS. The nodes checkin to on port 80. The nodes also need port 80 access to to download packages and upgrade.

4.   If you are connecting to a cable or DSL modem with only a single LAN port, these usually have to be power-cycled as well as they will only issue DHCP to a single device once powered up.   If you change the device they are plugged into, you have to power cycle them to get them to issue DHCP to a new device.

5.   Some older hubs do not work with your Cloudtrax supported device.   You should use a switch instead.

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