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Improvements to the Purchasing & Invoicing Experiences



This article describes upcoming improvements to the Datto invoicing and purchasing experiences.


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Datto is unifying its billing processes and updating our store to enhance the purchasing experience. We are regularly updating this article content - please check back regularly.

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What is changing?

Datto is implementing a new set of Enterprise-grade tools to unify our invoicing and billing processes across all product lines. We are updating our store so that your account information and product purchases for Networking and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) live in the same place. See Tim Weller’s March 4th email communication for more information.

Datto is introducing a new set of Enterprise-grade tools to unify our invoicing and billing processes across all product lines. We are updating our store so that your account information and product purchases live in the same place. We're also combining our support portals, and simplifying our chat and phone contact systems to make it easier to reach Datto when you need us most. Finally, we are streamlining our onboarding process to get partners up and running faster, while reducing their time to revenue on new Datto products.

Why is this happening?

As Datto continues to grow as an organization, we want to maintain the strong relationship that we have with you, our partners. We have been listening to your feedback over the years, and we're investing millions of dollars to better-unify your Datto experience. Helping save your time saves you money.

What will happen on May 1?

On May 1, the purchase of all new BCDR and Networking devices will be possible through our new store and our new internal quoting process. If you purchase through your Sales Executive, you'll receive quotes via email, which you can sign electronically in our new portal. Our new invoicing and billing procedures will apply to any device or service from the BCDR and Networking lines from May 1 and forward, but your first new invoice will be in May.

If it's happening in May, why will my invoice be different in June?

As technology people, we're sure you understand the complexity of a system conversion like this. We want to make sure that we get the billing experience right the first time. We've determined that the best way to do so is to keep the legacy billing system in place until May 1.

How long should I expect to receive multiple invoices?

We are implementing these new processes as a phased approach, beginning in May 2019 with BCDR and Networking. Phases 2 and three will encompass AEB, AWP, PSA, RMM, and SaaS products. Once all three stages of the product are complete, you will receive one invoice. As phases complete, you will receive fewer invoices.

For example, if you currently receive separate invoices from Networking and BCDR, at the time of your May invoice, you will see both products on the same bill.

If you have AEB, AWP, PSA or RMM on a separate invoice, you will see them combined on the same invoice when Phase 2 reaches completion.

We plan to complete all invoice consolidation work by the end of 2019.

Does this change how my product(s) work at all?

No, this will not change how your products work at all.

Are upgrades changing at all?

Our old process required full up-front payments for hardware; credits would be issued upon receipt of the returning device. Our new process provides hardware credits up-front.

NOTE: You have 60 days to return your hardware to Datto. If a device is not returned within that time frame, you will be charged for it.

Is Datto changing its 24/7/365 Support model as a part of this?

Datto’s 24/7/365 Support model is not going away - it's getting better! You will no longer have to dial a different phone number if you need help with SaaS questions instead of device questions. We are also adding integrated chat to our ticketing system, and our entire internal support team will have access to all of your support tickets, regardless of the product line, to better support you. Our support enhancements will be available as the fourth phase of the project.

Does this change Datto’s focus on the channel and MSPs?

No. Datto is committed to providing best-in-class service and solutions to our channel partners and MSPs. Our commitment is why we are implementing all of these changes. Our focus, as always, is channel and MSP first.

Do I have to agree to anything new?

Yes. We have simplified and streamlined our existing terms to eventually unify all of Datto’s products and services into one set of contractual terms. Our previous Reseller Agreement is now called the Datto Partner Agreement, and it will include links to underlying product terms of use. These revised terms will become valid for all new and existing BCDR and Networking customers on May 1, 2019. When you log into the Datto Portal on or after that day, we’ll ask you to agree to the revised terms. You can review the amended terms in the 2019 Partner Agreement. Datto recommends reviewing the terms in full.

Is my subscription with Datto still valid?

Yes. If you have an existing subscription on either a committed service term or a monthly term for any of our BCDR or Networking products or services, the subscription will remain valid following May 1, although it will be subject to the revised terms and conditions discussed above.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please reach out directly to your Sales Executive or Success Representative, and they will be happy to assist.

Will I have to re-enter any information about me or my business?

Our team of data experts has been working hard to ensure a seamless transition that requires no information re-entry. As always, it is an art as much as it is a science, and there may be rare exceptions.

How can I change the payment method for an existing subscription?

After May 1, you can manage payment methods tied to devices by using the new store. When you choose an existing device or subscription, you will see an option to change the payment information.

What if I need to return a device - is the process different?

No, you should continue to engage with your Sales Executive or Success Representative if you need to return any hardware.

Who do I talk to if I have to change an existing subscription?

Your Sales Executive or Success Representative can help you make changes to your existing subscriptions.

Does this change what I need to do to cancel an existing subscription?

No. If you need to cancel a subscription, you should still contact your Sales Executive or Success Representative.

Will I get a new login for the Portal?

No, your Portal login will remain the same.

How will the Portal be different?

The portal will not change. We are adding new pages that will help you maintain billing and subscription information and manage your payment methods.

Will I need to reset or change my password when I log in the new store on May 1?

No. Your login for the Portal will remain the same on May 1.

What changes have been made to Datto Networking pricing and purchasing terms?

We are expanding the purchasing options for Datto Networking products. You can continue to purchase Datto Networking devices with no term commitment. If you purchase a device with no term, you will receive invoices for monthly service fees upon activation (such as deployment to a client site). Datto Networking Edge Routers (DNA and D200) that you purchase without a term commitment will automatically activate within 60 days, regardless of whether or not the device is installed at a client site.

In addition to the current month to month option, you now have the opportunity to purchase all Datto Networking devices with a 1, 2, or 3-year term commitment. The term commitment includes a reduced price on the Datto Networking hardware. Any appliances you purchase with a term commitment will automatically activate within 60 days, regardless of whether or not the device is installed at a client site. Monthly service invoicing commences upon activation and will include itemized details for all Datto Networking products.

My company has multiple people who access the Portal and make purchases - can this still happen?

Yes, you will still be able to empower multiple people from your organization with the ability to access and make purchases from our newly-redesigned Portal.

How will this impact my Partner Tier Status?

These changes will not impact your Partner Tier Status.

Where can I find my historic invoices?

Historic invoices will remain in the Partner Portal; we will be adding a page to the "Purchasing and Billing" menu bar from which you will be able to view new invoices. Datto will send you further information about the new page closer to the time of launch.

Where can I find my current commitment term?

You can find the current commitment term for a particular subscription on your most recent invoice.

I no longer see the option to extend warranties on my existing devices. Is this feature still available?

With the launch of our new internal systems and processes, we are no longer able to extend warranties on new or existing devices.

When I attempt to purchase an ALTO, I am seeing a 100% hardware cost where there was not one before. Why is this?

Select a 1-year commitment, add the item to your cart, and click save. When you progress to the checkout screen from within the store, the hardware cost will be removed.

When will my card/account be charged?

We will be processing payments on June 12, which allows for a few business days to review the new invoices. For international partners that pay via direct debit, we will process payments on June 17, consistent with prior months.

Where can I find my new invoices (anything invoiced after June 1, 2019)?

1. In a web browser, navigate to and select Purchasing & Billing → Purchase History, as shown in Figure 1.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: Purchasing & Billing → Purchase History (click to enlarge)

2. The Purchases page will load, displaying all post-June 2019 invoices.

mceclip1.pngFigure 2: Purchasing & Billing → Purchase History (click to enlarge)

3. If you have any difficulty finding or accessing this information, contact your Sales or Success representative for assistance. 

How do I read my new invoice?

We have designed the invoice based on partner feedback. Invoices consolidate by the payment method you select and include sections for general account and payment information, total amount due, a summary of subscriptions by product model, and a complete subscription detail. If you have further questions about your invoice, please reach out to your account rep or For more information about the new invoice, see our Your Invoice Explained article. 

NOTICE to partners with Networking, Total Cloud, or Per Agent products

NetworkingTotal Cloud, and Per Agent products contain a usage-based billing component. Under the new invoice, usage-based components will be based on actual volume consumed and will bill in arrears (whereas all fixed recurring components bill in advance). Your June bill will include all recurring charges for the period from June 1 - June 30, but usage charges for the period from June 1 - June 30 will not bill until your July invoice. This is a change from Datto’s historical billing practices where recurring and usage-based charges billed in advance. For June, your invoice will not include usage-based charges for May 1 - May 31, as they will have already billed in your May invoice.

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