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This article lists Open Mesh's ecosystem partners.


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Yelp WiFi is dedicated to bringing the level of customization and personalization that customers experience in e-commerce to brick and mortar. Through Yelp WiFi’s services, physical retailers gain a significantly deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviors and how they react to various promotions, advertising, and products.

Yelp WiFi is deployed with Open Mesh’s modular, cloud-managed wireless system. Yelp WiFi measures customer engagement and in-store behavior, accessible through a simple, powerful online dashboard. Yelp WiFi also enables customers to easily create beautiful Social WiFi pages to market their products while simultaneously allowing them to connect directly with end-users to offer loyalty rewards and promotions.



Captini transforms your Open Mesh Guest WiFi into an automated marketing service that keeps your customers engaged and coming back time and time again. We help restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos and salons around the World to maximize their Open Mesh investment.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing by automating perfectly timed communications to the customers that matter the most to your business. Use our VIP feature to up your service game by sending real-time notifications to your staff when your most important customers walk through the door or embrace the future of loyalty with CaptiniPunch.

If that’s not enough, Captini is the Worlds first TripAdvisor enabled WiFi service, letting you turbo-charge your review collection without lifting a finger! Come and join the Captini revolution today and start getting More Customers. More Often.



Zenreach is a WiFi based marketing automation and consumer engagement platform. Zenreach works with the top restaurants, bars/nightclubs, arenas and retailers across the globe to seamlessly build their customer lists, run segmented and automated marketing campaigns, and provide real insight into whether customers return after receiving a message - calculating what we call, Walk-Through Rate™.

Zenreach’s turnkey integration with Open Mesh's Cloudtrax allows customers to easily turn their investment in WiFi infrastructure into a revenue generating solution. Leverage Zenreach and Open Mesh to gain better insight into who your customers are, and automatically send personalized marketing messages proven to drive them back to your locations.



Presence Orb is a Wi-Fi analytics solution, allowing venue owners to analyse how customers interact with commercial space in sectors including retail, hospitality, leisure, transport and advertising.

As valued partners, all Open Mesh customers are receiving a 30 day free trial of Presence Orb to start capturing live data and generating actionable insights to support their business across departments from operations to venue layout design, marketing and more.

Designed to sweat your Open Mesh Wi-Fi assets, visitors are tracked through mobile phone signals using only your Open Mesh access points to passively collect and analyse data – no W-Fi login or app engagement required.

Presence Orb provides valuable insights that support the achievement of business objectives including improving visitor experience, evaluating initiatives, streamlining operations and driving revenue. Passive metrics are overlaid with open source data such as weather and proprietary data such as sales figures, while AI-powered forecasting allows visitor behavior prediction with up to 94% accuracy. In addition, Presence Orb’s Splash Page Designer allows guest Wi-Fi provision and capture of visitor demographic and contact details.

Visit www.presenceorb.com today and get in touch to arrange your 30 day free trial for Open Mesh customers.



Use Facebook Wi-Fi to turn your Open Mesh network into a social Wi-Fi hotspot. By letting your customers check in to and like your Facebook Page before using the web for free, you can build closer relationships with them by sharing offers and announcements. When people like your Page or claim an offer, you’ll learn more about them through Page Insights.

Facebook Wi-Fi is free to use and works with most Open Mesh access points. You can start using it today in just a few clicks.



GuestTrack builds tools to extend the features and functionality of Open Mesh networks.

With GuestTrack PMS Link, guests log into wireless and wired networks and post charges to their room using only their last name and room number. PMS Link integrates with more than 40 of the most popular property management systems in the world, including Galaxy, Opera and Comtrol.

GuestTrack also provides security and compliance-related tools. Botnet Blocker for Open Mesh identifies and stops known bots from communicating, preventing ISP suspensions due to infected computers using your network for attacks.



Cloud4Wi offers Volare, a leading services platform for advanced guest Wi-Fi. With Volare, large retail and restaurant chains, transportation hubs and shopping malls can build their brands by leveraging their existing Wi-Fi networks. Even in high-density environments, businesses are able to provide superior on-site mobile experiences to their customers. Volare is fully integrated with Open Mesh, and can get customers connected quick and seamlessly through a captivating welcome portal. Rich features include ample customizations, flexible policy management, various login options, and the ability to display entertaining and informative web applications. Volare also provides businesses with valuable insights into who customers are, whether they’re new or returning, where they dwell, and how long they stay. Empowered with this information, businesses can create targeted marketing campaigns, sending personalized messages to customers at exactly the right time and place. This type of personal on-site engagement helps to inspire loyalty and build long-lasting relationships.



Accuware products enable locating, tracking and monitoring people and assets, both globally and indoors. Designed to run on Open Mesh hardware, Accuware Wi-Fi Tracker is a real-time locating system (RTLS) that locates active WiFi devices with floor and room-level accuracy. Its dashboard integrates Cloudtrax with location-specific controls, seamlessly expanding Wi-Fi connectivity with location-based business value.



Aislelabs provides WiFi location based marketing & analytics products to thousands of restaurants, malls, airports, retail chains, and venues around the world. Aislelabs Connect provides a full featured social WiFi & marketing platform, with built-in email campaigns, online surveys, and paid media advertising. Businesses can grow their email lists and CRM with hundreds of thousands of new profiles as visitors login to WiFi using Facebook and social logins. The product comes with built-in campaign manager for hyper-targeted personalized marketing, with analytics to understand the ROI and repeat visitors.

In addition, the Aislelabs Flow is enterprise-grade WiFi location analytics, real-time heatmaps, dwell time analysis, top walking paths and 80+ reports on Open Mesh enabled venues. Sign up today, and start using the Aislelabs Connect with Social WiFi absolutely free, with unlimited data collection.



GoZone WiFi is a software company offering marketing, analytics, and advertising platforms that transform guest WiFi networks into additional revenue streams for businesses.

GoZone’s innovative Smart WiFiTM Suite of products enables venues such as restaurants, stadiums, airports, shopping centers, hotels, and Smart Cities to utilize WiFi networks to grow business and drive revenue. With Smart WiFi, businesses can now collect valuable visitor data, understand traffic flow, and display third party advertisements over guest WiFi.

Build customer relationships by analyzing demographics, increasing social following, and sending multi-channel marketing campaigns.  With access to detailed presence analytics, heat maps, traffic patterns, and dwell times, venues can strategically refine operations. GoZone WiFi’s advertising platform enables WiFi providers to earn direct revenues through third-party advertising with rich features including a multitenant dashboard, intelligent reporting, and compatibility with any captive portal system.  GoZone WiFi’s platforms are customizable to meet specific business needs as they work independently or together as a comprehensive suite.

GoZone WiFi’s platforms are designed to integrate seamlessly with Open Mesh’s cloud-managed infrastructure, optimizing ease of use and implementation. Open Mesh customers can enjoy additional Smart WiFi integrations including in-dashboard display of equipment status at a glance. Unlock the power of Smart WiFi today.



Wisely helps restaurants acquire valuable guests and retain them for life. By collecting data through waitlist, reservations, guest Wi-Fi, rewards programs, and the POS, Wisely builds profiles on guests that facilitate enhanced hospitality and hyper-targeting of marketing spend on guests who are most likely to become and remain regulars.

Using OpenMesh hardware, Wisely is able to enroll guests into email clubs, track loyalty visits with or without an app, send triggered and mass emails to guests, and power Wisely's real-time VIP arrival alerts and CRM. All of these features are enabled in a seamless fashion, so that once a guest has signed into Wi-Fi the rest happens automatically.



Skyfii is a guest WiFi, data analytics and marketing services company for venues and physical spaces. Providing services to multiple industries - Skyfii has a pedigree in retail solutions including bricks and mortar outlets, franchises, quick service restaurants, chain store retail, cafes and bars.

Leveraging Open Mesh’s cloud managed wireless infrastructure Skyfii is able to provide guest WiFi services to venues, one of the many ingestible data sources for Skyfii’s IO platform. Through registration portals, Wi-Fi based analytics and other data points clients are able to build an enriched database of visitors/consumers. Using these learnings actionable insights are uncovered to better inform operational and marketing decision making, in addition to allowing highly relevant, real-time context-based advertising and marketing content to be offered.



Purple is a cloud-based platform that focuses on turning WiFi networks into revenue generation tools for businesses through social media integration, intuitive analytics and profile-based remarketing.

With Purple’s software enabled over your existing Open Mesh network, you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics to help you build detailed customer profiles and better understand how customers are interacting within your venue. Our platform provides real-time customer data and insights including, name, age, gender, location, dwell, frequency of visits and more. What’s more, the Purple Portal provides unique and cutting-edge marketing tools allowing you to take meaningful action based on the data collected.

With over 50 million users worldwide across 34,000 venues, Purple works with a number of brands and venues including McDonalds, KFC, Hard Rock Cafe, Merlin Entertainment, Mercure Hotels, Miami Heat, Michael Kors, L’Oréal, NBA Indiana Pacers, Cueros Vélez S.A.S and more. Purple employs over 100 full-time staff globally with offices in the UK (headquarters), US, Chile, Spain, Singapore and Australia. Purple also has over 50 million users and an active reseller base of over 1,200 in 102 countries.

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