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Does having the AP in repeater mode affect its potential speed?

Yes, APs in repeater mode will have their potential speed halved from that of the gateway AP due to limitations in airtime.

Do all access point support PoE? Do you sell a POE solution other than the POE switches?

All of our APs that we sell from our website can be powered either by 802.3af or passive POE standards. We also sell passive and 802.3af POE injectors to power these APs.

Why do my channel scans differ so radically from one scan to another?

Each time a channel scan is run, it will detect the other 802.11 networks in range of the APs. If these change, than so to will the channel scan results.

Can you use an Open Mesh in repeater mode with a different company's access point, or does it have to be another Open Mesh AP?
Our APs use a special build of the BATMAN-adv meshing protocol which is only compatible with other Open Mesh APs.

If I use 36+, 44+, 149+ and 157+, this only allows 4 non-overlapping channels, but I thought there was supposed to be 16 non-overlapping channels. What's going on?

There are 16 possible non-overlapping channels, but only if you set the channel width to 20 MHz. 802.11ac wireless speeds are usually so fast because they can make use of wide channels, currently up to 80 MHz wide. If you are using these wide channels, there are only 4 non-overlapping wide channels. As a reference, one of these 80 MHz channels are wider than the entire 2.4 GHz frequency.

What are some common wifi testing apps? Open source wifi planning options?

Wifi Analyzer for Android, Airport Utility for iOS. Both of these are useful, but not necessarily sufficient for thorough wifi planning, and with no SNR option.

How can I set transmit power manually?

The use country setting option already maximizes the transmit power to the max allowed for the country. If you want less, you can set the global transmit power by going to:

[Configure > Radio > Channels: Manual > Transmit Power].

You can also set the transmit power manually on each AP once the channels are set to manual from:

[Manage > Access Points > List View > select AP > Radio Toolbox].

Technically you can also set the transmit power higher than your country allows, but the setting will be ignored by our APs, and will continue to transmit on max country power.

Is it bad to manually set my own channels? Is it good to use Auto to determine which channels to use?

If you are using a network comprised of entirely APs acting as gateways, we recommend you use auto-channel. However if you have many repeaters also associated with your network, we recommend you consider planning which channels you wish your gateways to use, and which gateway each repeater AP should be pairing with. Repeaters must use the same channel as the gateway AP, so it's important that you plan which gateway AP each repeater AP will be associating with to have a strong internet connection with repeaters.

How do I mesh on 2.4Ghz only?

All our presently sold APs only mesh on the 2.4 GHz frequency. This should be changing in a future release. Once they have 5 GHz meshing as well as 2.4 GHz meshing, this will be determined by the BATMAN meshing protocol. This is not configurable, but handled entirely on the back-end of the APs.

Is there no channel width selection for 5GHz?

You can choose between 20, 40, and 80 MHz channels for 5GHz via:

[Configure > Radio > Channels: Manual > Channel Width]

Will auto channel choose any other channels other then 1 and 6 and 11?

At times auto-channel has been known to use wide channels, or not change channels to 1, 6, or 11 if they had already been set on a different channel, and if changing the channel doesn't actually improve it. In these cases we recommend changing the channel to a non-overlapping 1, 6, or 11 channel if you are experiencing issues.

When is the maintenance window?

The Maintenance window can be set in CloudTrax via:

[Configure > Maintenance > Maintenance Window]

Is the A40/A60 802.11ac Wave 2?

The A40, A60, MR1750, and OM5P-AC APs are all 802.11ac Wave 1 devices.

What is the client per AP recommendation?

The MR1750, A40, and A60 recommended client load are 50 -100 concurrent clients. The recommended load for the OM2P and OM5P are 25 – 50. These are averages however, and should be thought of as a rough guideline. What ultimately determines processor load is the amount of traffic the AP is sending to the clients. It should also be remembered that no matter the processing capacity of the AP, there is only so much available airtime, and if the usage becomes too high, the channel will become unusable.

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