Legacy Open Mesh: Which SFP module should I use with my Datto Switch?



Which SFP module should I use with my Datto Switch?


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Consumer network fiber optic cable comes in two main varieties:

  • Multi-mode fiber
    • Used for relatively short distances, less than 550 meters
    • Orange color-coded cable
    • Use the SX version of SFP (SX stands for Short-Haul)
    • Multi-mode fiber costs less than single-mode fiber
  • Single-mode fiber
    • Used for relatively long distances up to 10 kilometers
    • Yellow color-coded cable
    • Use the LX version of SFP (LX stands for Long-Haul)
    • Single-mode fiber is more future proof than multi-mode fiber

If your switch does not show a link light when your fiber install is complete, try reversing the polarity (cross-over) of one side of your fiber connection. This will make sure that the TX/RX of each side is staggered. All Fiber SFPs use the "LC" type fiber connection.

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