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This article describes the settings for configuring voice VLANs in CloudTrax.


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The Voice VLAN feature on the OM S series switches helps you configure the switches to automatically allow and prioritize voice traffic over a designated VLAN. This allows voice traffic to be kept separated and prioritized over other traffic types.

Note: The switch does not modify the VLAN header of the of the voice traffic's packets. The VoIP device must still tag its own traffic with the proper VLAN ID. VoIP devices are typically configured with the proper VLAN ID via LLDP-MED, CDP, DHCP or manual configuration.

Voice VLAN configuration using CloudTrax, on the OM S switches, is very simple and can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Configure Voice VLAN OUIs (VoIP phone manufacturers) - network wide, for all switches in the network
  • Enable voice VLANs for the switches and configure VLAN ID to use for voice - on a per-switch basis
  • Enable/ Disable voice VLANs - on specific ports of the switch, as necessary


Step 1: Configure Voice VLAN OUIs

Voice VLAN OUIs (essentially VoIP phone manufacturers) are configurable across all switches of the network from within the Configure > Switches page. Click on the "show" link to bring up the configuration options:


By default (and on factory reset) the switches come pre-configured with a set of 8 most common VoIP phone manufacturers. To edit or to remove any of the default ones, simply click on the action menu on the right end of each row:

To add a new manufacturer, simply click on the add button, specify an OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier which is the 3 most significant octets of the MAC address) and optionally a description for the manufacturer. Note that the OUI cannot be a multicast address

 Click save changes to add the OUI to the list and then click save on the page, to push the changes to all switches in the network. Note that, this step only configures the OUIs on the switches but does not enable them. To enable them, please continue to step 2.


Step 2: Enable and configure Voice VLANs per switch

Go to the specific switch(es) in the network that you would like to enable voice VLANs on and click on the switch to bring up the configuration pane. Then click on the general tab and enable the Voice VLAN configuration. When you do that, you will be able to

1. Enter the specific VLAN that you would like to dump voice traffic into and

2. Specify a 802.1p PCP (CoS) value you would like to . For convenience, you can also click on the "OUI list" link to view the list of OUIs you configured in step 1 above.


Step 3: Enable/ Disable Voice VLANs per port

The last thing to do, is to pick specific ports that you would want Voice VLANs to be enabled on. You can do this by clicking on the ports tab of the specific switch, finding the voice VLAN column and checking the box for specific ports that you would want Voice VLANs enabled

Note: Voice VLAN does not tag the traffic to a VLAN ID.



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