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This article explains how to manage users in CloudTrax


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The user management system supports multiple users which can be assigned different account roles. Users can then be granted access to specific networks and network groups. To learn about the different account roles, see the article "Overview of the User Management System".

Users Page

To manage users in the user management system, access the Users page which is located in the the drop-down menu found by clicking your email address in the upper right corner.

Figure 1: The Network page (click to enlarge)

Adding a user

To add a new user, click the "Add New" button on the Users page, then enter a name, an email address and pick a role. The details of what a particular role allows for are shown in the Role details, when you select a particular role.


If you pick Account Admin role, there is no additional configurations required, since an Account Admin has full permissions on the account.

If you pick one of the other roles, you will then click Next to set which networks and network groups the user is granted access to.

You can either click a network group followed by clicking the "Add" button to allow access to the entire network group, or you can individually pick networks from within the group. You can use the Ctrl key or Command key to select multiple networks or network groups from either list.

CloudTrax will generate emails to specific users when they are added, deleted or their permissions are changed. The emails will contain the name of the CloudTrax account that the change was made in as well as information about who made the change and what the change was.

If a user does not already have a CloudTrax account, they will receive an email with activation instructions.


For each user you can take various actions. For users assigned account roles other than Account Admin, you can Edit Info, Change Permissions or Unlink the user from the account.


Account Admins have an action option that allows you to set them as the owner of the account.

Edit Info

Allows you to edit the Name, Notes and Account Role of the user.

Change Permissions

Allows you to adjust the networks and network groups the user has access to.


Allows you to unlink the user from the account, so they no longer have any access to the account.

Set Owner

Allows you to set an Account Admin as the new owner of the account.

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