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This article explains how to use audit logs in CloudTrax.


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Included with our new User Manager account system update is another feature called "Audit Logs". Audit Logs contain a history of all actions and changes made within your CloudTrax account, allowing you to identify what was changed, when the change happened, and through which user account the change occurred.

The Audit Logs can be viewed by clicking on the top-right corner menu and selecting "Audit Logs".



The information provided by the Audit Logs is broken up into six columns, if you don't see all the columns, simply click on the "View Options" button to select any missing categories.

The information provided by each column are as follows:

  • Date: The Date and time that the action took place.
  • User Email: The User account Email address that ordered the change.
  • Remote Address: The IP address the User was logged into CloudTrax from when the change was made.
  • Resource: What object was changed. e.g. User account, network, SSID, etc.
  • Action: What kind of change took place. e.g. User login, User account or network add/remove, etc.
  • Fields: Any remaining details are added here, any verbose descriptions of the change will be seen here.




The Audit Log information can be easily sorted by each column by simply clicking on each columns title. Alternatively, you can also easily search through the results by typing any keyword into the search window next the the "View Options" button. This allows you to quickly view all events of a certain type (i.e. "Login"), all events related to a particular user account (i.e. "Joe@Corp.com"), or a particular device (i.e. "AC:86:74:83:86:97").

The data provided in the Audit Logs is kept for 90 days and the Audit Log area can only be viewed by accounts of the Group Manager role level and above ("Network Users" cannot access it). Finally, while most changes within the CloudTrax system are logged, there are a few values that do not currently have any adjustments made to them reported in the Audit Logs. There are only a few of these, and are working to get them added into the logs in the near future.


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