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Can I embed my Cloudtrax map on my website? 


You can add your Cloudtrax network map to your website by using the Iframes provided below. Simply replace "NETWORK NAME" with the Login ID of your network. You can confirm your Login ID under the general settings page in Cloudtrax. 

<IFRAME id='graph_frame'  SRC=" NAME&width=900" width="100%" height="160" frameborder="0" scrolling="NO"></IFRAME>

<IFRAME SRC=" NAME&showall=1" width="100%" height="600"></IFRAME>
<IFRAME SRC=" NAME" width="100%" height="400" scrolling="NO"></IFRAME>
<IFRAME src=" NAME" width="100%" height="520" scrolling="auto"></IFRAME>
<IFRAME SRC=" NAME" width="100%" height="600"></IFRAME>
<IFRAME SRC=" NAME" width="100%" height="600"></IFRAME>


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