Which access point is better? The OM2P, OM2P-HS, OM5P-AC or MR1750?


All access points were designed and built for different uses. The best product will be the one best suited for your environment.

The OM2P allows for third-party external antennas and has excellent range and meshing capabilities. The OM2P is our least expensive model, so it's ideal for deployments where cost is a major consideration. The single antenna will limit the speed and number of users the OM2P can handle.

The OM2P-HS, with dual antennas, is meant for speed and many simultaneous users in low-noise environments. It also has excellent range and works great when meshing. The OM2P-HS has virtually the same range as the OM2P with the stock antenna. 

The OM5P-AC is meant for speed and simultaneous users in short distances, and is ideal when you are not using mesh, such as wiring in access points in businesses, hotel rooms, dorms, etc. The range on this model is limited to about 1-2 walls or 100-200 feet outdoors. It is our lowest cost 802.11ac model 

The MR1750 is our highest performance model, offering dual band, 3x3 802.11ac performance, excellent range and excellent meshing capabilities. 

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