Datto Drive Local: How do I uninstall Datto Drive Local from a Datto device?



How do I uninstall Datto Drive Local from a Datto device?


  • Datto Drive Local
  • Datto SIRIS


Datto Drive Local is the on-device version of Datto Drive. Click here to cancel a cloud-hosted Datto Drive account.

1. On the Datto device, click the Configure tab, then select Device Settings from the drop-down menu.

Figure 1: The Datto Device UI (click to enlarge)

2. In the Configure Datto Drive section of the Global Device Settings page, click the Uninstall Datto Drive button.

Figure 2: Global Device Settings (click to enlarge)

3. On the uninstall confirmation screen, you can choose to delete the files stored in Datto Drive Local or keep those files in the Datto Cloud. If you keep the files, you can access them via an offsite file restore from the "Owncloud" dataset.

Figure 3: Confirm Datto Drive Local uninstall (click to enlarge)

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