Performing a Silent Install of the Datto Windows Agent (Version 2.1 and Above)



How do I perform a silent install of the Datto Windows Agent (Version 2.1)?


  • Datto Windows Agent Version 2.1
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008 and above


1. From the machine that you would like to protect, navigate to and click the Windows button under Backup Agent Download.

2. When the agent installer finishes downloading, launch an administrator-level Windows Command Prompt session.

3. Navigate to the installer's location in the endpoint's file system. Use the following command to start a silent install of the agent software:

C:\TEMP>DattoWindowsAgent.exe /quiet

The Datto Windows Agent will install, and the machine will reboot. To prevent the installer from restarting the computer, add the /norestart flag:

C:\TEMP>DattoWindowsAgent.exe /quiet /norestart

If you receive a prompt asking you to confirm that you trust the publisher of the drivers included with the installer, perform the steps in this article (external link) to add Datto as a trusted publisher to your production machines.

If you use the /norestart flag, you will need to manually restart the production machine before the installation can complete and before backups can begin.

Verifying Installation

The Datto Windows Agent will not notify you of the installation status after a silent install. To confirm installation, follow the steps in Installing the Datto Windows Agent: Verifying the Installation.

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