DNA: How Do I Troubleshoot My Network in the Diagnostic Shell?



How do I troubleshoot my network using the DNA's Diagnostic Shell?


  • Datto Networking Appliance (DNA)


With the release of firmware version 1.18.1, you can now access the DNA's diagnostic shell via SSH and run troubleshooting commands over your network.

Accessing the Diagnostic Shell

1. Using an SSH client, establish an SSH connection with the Remote Web SSH server.

2. Type list to get a list of your devices.

Figure 1: DNA devices on the network (click to enlarge)

3. Type connect [device ID] to access the DNA's Diagnostic Shell.

Figure 2: THe DNA Diagnostic Shell (click to enlarge)

Running commands in the Diagnostic Shell

In the diagnostic shell, you can select from a menu of troubleshooting commands. With the release of firmware version 1.19.2, these commands are:

  • beep: Emits a beep from the device
  • traceroute: Lets you run a traceroute to other devices and networks
  • dig: Lets you perform DNS lookups
  • help: Lists a menu of valid commands
  • exit: Exits the Diagnostic Shell
  • ping: Lets you test connectivity by sending a ping from the DNA to other devices and networks
  • ifconfig: Lets you see the configuration of your network interfaces

image__11_.pngFigure 3: Diagnostic Shell options (click to enlarge)

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