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Direct to Cloud: Agent Checkin Alert



You receive an email alert from which states, "Agent Not Checking In. 
[systemname] has stopped communicating with the Datto Cloud. The last time we've heard from this agent was on [date], which exceeded your configured threshold of [threshold]."


  • Datto Direct to Cloud (DTC)


A protected system, registered to one of your Direct to Cloud clients, did not check in with Datto's monitoring servers within the threshold you defined in your Direct to Cloud email alert settings.

You received this email because your Partner Portal account is subscribed to receive registration alerts. To change your alerting settings, visit the Direct to Cloud Status page.


1. Verify that the Direct to Cloud Agent software is still installed on the protected machine.

2. Confirm that the agent is registered and not reporting an error state.

3. Ensure that all of the Direct to Cloud Agent's system processes and services are present and running.

4. Review the networking configuration of the protected machine to ensure that it meets the Direct to Cloud Agent's requirements. Make any changes noted.

5. Resolve any issues noted. Then, manually start a backup, and observe the results.

6. If you continue to receive email alerts after verifying that the agent is functioning as desired, you can adjust its alerting threshold at the client level from your Direct to Cloud email alert settings control panel. You can also contact Datto Technical Support for further assistance.

Figure 1: Agent not checking in

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