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This article describes API terminology differences between the Datto Autotask PSA UI and its web services.


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The Autotask user interface is dynamic and subject to changes as user needs evolve. The API is code based and therefore, requires a level of consistency that does not apply to the UI. For this reason, the terminology used to describe the Web services entities and field names can differ from the terms used to describe the same objects and fields in the UI.

The following table lists the primary terminology differences at this time.

Term in API Term in UI Additional Context Information
Account Company or, 
in the Client Portal, Client
Company replaces Account in most usage.
For Client Portal, Client is used instead of Company (Client Portal client instead of Client Portal account).

In the interface, Account remains Account in word pairings where account means sales account, financial account, or login account; for example Account Manager, Synchronization Account, User Account.
BillToAddress Billing address Address of the company to bill
ContractFactor, BlockHourFactor Block Hour Multiplier  
Cost Charge When referring to any billable or non-billable monetary amount for an Inventory Item, Product, or Material Cost associated with a Project, Ticket, or Contract.

The interface uses cost when referring to a Unit Cost or amount charged by Vendor
Equote Quote Used for all references to a quote, including eQuote
GeneralLedgerCode General Ledger Account Also previously referred to as GL Account, GL Code, and General Ledger Code.
InstalledProduct Configuration Item / Installed Product / Asset / Installed Asset  You can change the term used in the UI by going to Autotask menu  Admin  Features & Settings  Your Organization  Local Terms & Symbols
KeyAccountIcon Classification Replaces the Key Account Icon classifications
LeadReferral Lead Source The source of a sales lead
ProjectedLiveDate Promised fulfillment date Used with Opportunities, the date you expect to deliver goods and services
PromisedDueDate Promised fulfillment date Used with Sales Orders, the date you expect to deliver goods and services.
Title Name The following entities now have Names instead of Titles:
Reference, Attachment, Opportunity, Appointment, Project, Sales Order, Issue, Item, Activity, Milestone, Phase, Wizard.
Note: In the UI, Contacts have both a name and a title
ToAccount (as in BillableToAccount) Destination Company  

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