Autotask PSA: How can I delete or remove a Resource from Autotask?



How can I delete or remove a Resource from Autotask?


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Resources cannot be deleted from Autotask by you or by Support, but they can be inactivated and redacted.

Once a Resource has been created in your system, it cannot be deleted for historical data integrity. Autotask bases the billing on the total number of active resources. You can inactivate this resource to prevent charges for the user license.

To inactivate a resource, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Autotask menu → Admin → Features & Settings → Resources / Users (HR).
  2. Then, navigate to Resources / Users and locate the resource you want to inactivate.
  3. Right-click the resource and select Edit Resource.
  4. From the Security tab, click the Active checkbox to clear (inactivate) the resource.
  5. Click Save & Close.

An inactive resource cannot be assigned tasks, tickets, or widget filters, and will not be able to log into Autotask. Historical information about the resource (for example, labor performed on a ticket) will remain available. You can use inactive resources in filters in LiveReports.

Redaction/Erasure of resources will support the 'right to be forgotten' that your users and contacts have under the General Data Protection Regulation and similar regulations of the EU. This action is permanent and cannot be reversed.

When you Redact a Resource

  • The resource becomes inactivated
  • All fields on the General tab that are not required are cleared
  • The first name and last name change to "Redacted Resource"
  • On the Security tab, the username changes to "redacted[resourceid]"
  • The resource photo is deleted
  • The name and the reason you enter for the erasure are tracked on the Privacy Action History page and cannot be removed.

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