Autotask PSA: How do I link incident tickets to a problem ticket?



How do I link incident tickets to a problem ticket?


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Creating a master ticket and associating related tickets with it is helpful in instances such as outages, where a single problem can affect several clients. In these scenarios, linking the incidents together is beneficial because you would only have to track a single ticket.

Autotask's Problem/Incident ticket feature will help you group and manage tickets that have a common cause.

When you create a ticket in Autotask PSA, you select a Ticket Type. Ticket types help you categorize tickets and help determine which functions are available. You should create a problem ticket when an incident is considered to be serious, or if there are multiple occurrences of similar events. The problem may be unrecorded until after several incidents have occurred.

Both problem and incident tickets can belong to different companies, but to ensure accurate profitability reports, Datto recommends that you assign the problem ticket to your company.

When you have created the problem ticket, associate all related incident tickets with it. An incident can only be associated with one problem at a time.

Associating incident tickets to a problem ticket

1. On the Ticket Details page of your problem ticket, navigate to the Incidents tab.

2. Click Associate Existing Incident(s).

3. To display Complete tickets in the data selector, check the box labeled Include Complete Tickets. To exclude tickets that are more than a year old, uncheck the box labeled Show Tickets > 1 Year Old.

4. Click on a row to select one or more tickets in the data selector.

To review ticket details, click the ticket number in the data selector list.

5. Click Save & Close.

6. Once your problem ticket is resolved, you may change the ticket status to Complete. You will have the option to complete all of its incident tickets at the same time.

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